Animating Textures

4.  GLSL settings
  • Enable: Lights
  • Enable: Shaders
  • Enable: Shadows
  • Enable: Environment Lighting
  • Enable: Ramps
  • Enable: Nodes
  • Enable: Extra Textures
  • GLSL settings appear only when the Render Engine: Blender Game is selected
5.  Use the UV/Image Editor to open the animated texture
  • UV/Image Editor menu >>  Open
  • An animated texture is a series of time lapse frames that have been joined together into one image.
  • Animate_CandleFlame.PNG has 10 time lapse frames.  2 Rows.  5 Columns.  If I'd wanted I could have had more rows and/or columns.  Or less.
  • I'm using an animated texture named Animate_CandleFlame.png


6.  Add a Plane.
  • 3D View menu >> Add >> Mesh >> Plane
  • For this tutorial, I'm animating a candle flame on a Plane