Baking Textures

25.  UV Unwrap the Plane 
  • 3D View >> Select Plane
  • 3D View menu >> Mode box >> Edit Mode
  • 3D View menu >> Select >> (De)select All >> Select All
  • 3D View menu >> Mesh >> UV Unwrap >> Reset
  • Because this is a Plane with one Face, we can UV Unwrap it using Reset.
  • You don't have to use Reset to UV Unwrap it.  You can UV Unwrap it any way you want.
26. UV Map to Baked_Texture
  • UV/Image Editor menu >> Select >> (De)Select All >> Select All
  • UV/Image Editor menu >> Image List >> Baked_Texture
  • Move vertices as needed
  • Baked_Texture is the blank texture we created to hold the baked texture.
27. Bake Mode: Textures
  • Properties menu >> Render button >> Bake tab >> Bake Mode list >> Textures
  • Bake Mode: Textures combines the textures.  It doesn't include the light/shadows.
  • Bake Mode: Full Render combines the textures.   It includes light/shadows.