Changing Cameras in Game

5.  Add a Keyboard Sensor to Cam1
  •  Logic Editor >> Sensors >> Add Sensor >> Keyboard
  • The logic bricks don't have to be attached to the active camera.  They can be attached to any object.
6. Keyboard Sensor: Key C 
  • Keyboard Sensor >> Key: Select 1st key box
  • Press a key >> C key
  • For this tutorial, I am going to use the C key to change from Cam1 to Cam2 and back
  • The 1st key box will be blank until you click on it
7. Controllers:  Open State Panel
  • Logic menu >> Controllers >> State Panel Plus button (+)
  • State Mask Groups lets us use just one key to switch from Cam1 to Cam2 and back.
  • The State Panel allows us to show and hide the different State Mask Groups.