Changing Cameras in Game

26.  State Actuator >> Select State Mask Group 1
  •  State Actuator >> Select State Mask Group 1
  • When the C key is pressed, we want to switch back to State Mask Group 1. 
  • We are creating a simple loop switching back and forth between State Mask Group 1 and State Mask Group 2. 
  • If we had more cameras, we would add more State Mask Groups to the loop.
27.  Connect Logic Bricks
  • Keyboard Sensor >> And Controller >> Set Camera Actuator and State Actuator
  • To connect logic bricks, pull the 'wire' from a logic brick output to a logic brick input.
  • When you connect an Actuator and/or Sensor to a Controller, they become a part of that Controller's State Mask Group.
28. Make State Mask Group 1 visible 
  • Controllers >> State Mask Group Panel >> Visible >> State Mask Group 1 button
  • The Game Engine (started inside Blender 3D) will start with the State Mask Group that is visible.