Basic Health Bar

46. Add a Property Sensor to your player 
  • Logic Editor >> Add Sensor >> Property Sensor
  • Logic Editor >> Property Sensor >> Evaluation Type: Changed
  • Logic Editor >> Property Sensor >> Property: Health
  • The player property being monitored is "Health"
  • When the player health changes, it will trigger the Property Sensor
47. Add another And Controller to your player 
  • Logic Editor >> Controllers >> Add Controller button >> And
48. Add a Message Actuator to Player
  •  Logic Editor >> Actuators >> Add Actuator >> Message
  • To: Health_Bar
  • Subject: Update_Health_Bar
  • Body: Property
  • Property: Health
  • The Message Actuator will send a message to Health_Bar everytime the Player Health changes
  • In the overlay scene HUD, the message sensor is triggered by the subject Update_Health_Bar
  • The player's health is the body of the message
49. Connect the first And Controller to the Message Actuator
  •  And Controller >> Message Actuator
  • The first And Controller is connected to a run once Always Sensor
  • Connecting the first And Controller to the Message Actuator will initialize the Player's health when the scene loads.
50. Connect Logic Bricks
  •  Property Sensor >> Second And Controller >> Message Actuator
51.  Download Finished Blend:
  • HealthBar_Basic.blend
  • Finished blend uses the up arrow to add 5 points of health
  • Finished blend uses the down arrow to subtract 5 point of health