Basic Health Bar

21. Scale Health_Bar to 0 on the X-axis
  • Properties menu >> Object button >> Transform >> Scale
  • X: 0.000
22. Add an Animation Keyframe for 0% health
  • 3D View menu >> Object >> Animation >> Insert Keyframe >> Scaling
23. Give the action a unique name
  • Dope Sheet >> Mode box >> Action Editor
  • Action Editor >> Name box
  • I am naming my action: Action_Health
  • The action was automatically created when we inserted the animation keyframes
24. Set action F-Curve Interpolation Mode to Linear 
  • Graph Editor menu >> Mode box >> F-Curve
  • Graph Editor menu >> Key >> Interpolation Mode >> Linear
  • Linear Interpolation Mode: Health bar has a 1 to 1 ratio with the Player's health
25.  Open HealthBar.txt in the Text Editor
  • Text Editor >> Text >> Open
  • HealthBar.txt is a simple python script I wrote that reads the body of a message
  • A message will send the amount of the player's health from the main scene to the overlay scene
  • Download HealthBar.txt
  • The script is available for download as a text file because some Internet Providers don't allow the downloading of the script as a python file.