Basic Health Bar

36. Select the animation keyframe action
  • Action Actuator >> Action List box>> Action
  • I named my animation keyframe action: Action_Health
37. Select the property named Health
  • Action Actuator >> Action List box>> Property
38. Connect Logic Bricks
  • Always Sensor >> Python Controller >> Action Actuator
  • To connect logic bricks, pull a 'wire' from one logic brick output to another logic brick input
39. Switch Scenes from HUD to scene holding your player  
  • Info menu >> Scene box
  • For this tutorial, the Player is in located in the Scene named Scene
40. Add an Always Sensor set to run once 
  • 3D View >> Select Player
  • Logic Editor >> Sensors >> Add Sensor >> Always
  • TRUE Level Triggering deactivated
  • FALSE Level Triggering deactivated
  • My Player's name is Fred
  • The Always Sensor will load the Overlay Scene named HUD
  • And it will initialize the Health Bar with the Player's current health.