Library Linking -- Groups

4.  If needed, add more game objects to the group.
  • Select another game object to add
  • Properties menu >> Object button >> Groups tab >> Add to Group button
  • Select group from list
  • For this tutorial, I have two game objects in my Group.  PalmTree-Trunk and PalmTree-Fronds.
5.  Set the center of the group
  • Properties menu >> Object button
  • Groups tab >> X number field >> Y number field >> Z number field
  • When you add a group from a linked Library, the group center is added at the 3D cursor location in your main game blend.
  • Group centers are set using World Coordinates.
  • For this tutorial, I am using the base of the Palm Tree as the group center.  The base is located at World Coordinates [ 2.0, 2.0, 0.0]
6.  Save library blend.  Open main blend.  Select Link from menu
  • Info Menu >> File >> Link