Real Time Mirror

4.  Enable GLSL settings
  • Properties menu >> Render button >> Shading tab
  • Enable Shaders
  • Enable Shadows
  • Enable Lights
  • Enable Color Management
  • Enable Ramps
  • Enable Nodes
  • Enable Extra Textures
  • GLSL settings appear only when the Render Engine: Blender Game is selected
5.  Add a Plane to be used as the mirror
  • 3D View menu >> Add >> Mesh >> Plane
  • For this tutorial, I'm using a plane as my mirror.
  • You don't have to use a plane.  You can use any game object that has a mesh.
6.  Give the Plane a unique name
  • Properties menu >> Object button >> Name box >> Mirror
  • For this tutorial, I will be naming it Mirror.