Real Time Mirror

16.  Texture Mapping Coordinates: UV
  •  Properties menu >> Texture button >> Mapping tab >> Coordinates: UV
  • We will be UV unwrapping the model and using Blender's UV/Image Editor to UV map the textures to it
17.  Select the UV Map: Mirror_UV
  • Properties menu >> Texture button >> Mapping tab >> Map
  • UV Map List >> Mirror_UV
  • We  will use the UV map we created in Step 7 to apply the Texture to the game object
18.  UV Unwrap the Plane 
  • 3D View >> Select Plane named Mirror
  • 3D View menu >> Mode box >> Edit Mode
  • 3D View menu >> Select >> Select/Deselect All >> Select All
  • 3D View menu >> Mesh >> UV Unwrap >> Reset
  • Because this is a Plane with one Face, we can UV Unwrap it using Reset.
  • There are other ways to UV Unwrap it but this is the easiest.