Movie -- No Sound

21.  UV/Image Editor: Select Movie_Curtain.jpg
  • UV/Image Editor menu >> Image List >> Movie_Curtain.jpg
  • Movie_Curtain.jpg is in the Image List because we opened it earlier in Blender 3D (Step 13).
  • If you want to use a different image, use the Open tab.
22.  UV/Image Editor: Make Movie_UV the active UV Map
  • UV/Image Editor >> UV Map List box >> Movie_UV
  • Movie_UV is in the UV Map List because we created it earlier in Blender 3D (Step 16).
23.  3D View: UV Unwrap the Plane 
  • 3D View menu >> Edit Mode
  • Mesh >> UV Unwrap >> Unwrap
  • Because this is a Plane with one Face, we can UV Unwrap it using Unwrap.
24.  UV/Image Editor: UV map unwrapped image to plane
  • UV/Image Editor menu >> Select >> Select/Deselect All
  • Move UV vertices as needed
25.  Add Movie.txt to Text Editor
  • Text Editor >> Text >> Open
  • Movie.txt is a python script I wrote.

  • Download Movie.txt

  • The script is available for download as a text file (Movie.txt) because some Internet Providers don't allow the downloading of the script as a python file (