Movie -- No Sound

26.  Rename to
  • Text Editor menu >> Name box
  • You don't have to rename it
  • You can leave as Movie.txt
27.  Add an Always Sensor to the Movie_Screen
  • Select the Plane named Movie_Screen

  • Logic Editor >> Sensors >> Add Sensor >> Always

  • Activate TRUE level triggering (pulse mode)

  • You don't have to use an Always sensor.  You can use any sensor you want.

  • needs to be run with every frame. 

  • Activating TRUE level triggering runs every frame.

28.  Add a Python Controller
  • Logic Editor >> Controllers >> Add Controller >> Python
  • Execution Method: Script
  • You need a Python Controller to run a python script
29. Select
  • Logic Editor >> Controllers >> Python Controller

  • Script >> Script List >>

  • Earlier, we opened Movie.txt in the Text Editor
  • That added Movie.txt (named to to the game engine's python script list
30.  Add a game property to Movie_Screen
  • Logic Editor menu >> View >> Properties
  • Properties tab >> Add Game Property button
  • We are adding the material name and the movie name/path as python variables (game properties).
  • This way we can use one (and only one) python script for all the movie screens in the game.