Render to Texture

4.  Enable GLSL settings
  • Properties menu >> Render button >> Shading tab
  • Enable Shaders
  • Enable Shadows
  • Enable Lights
  • Enable Environment Lighting
  • Enable Ramps
  • Enable Nodes
  • Enable Extra Textures
  • GLSL settings appear only when the Render Engine: Blender Game is selected
5.  Add a camera
  • 3D View menu >> Add >> Camera
  • The images from a second camera (to be added later) will be used to Render to Texture
  • This step is optional if you already have a camera you want to use as the active camera
6.  Make the camera the active camera
  • 3D View menu >> Select camera
  • 3D View menu >> View >> Cameras >> Set Active Object as Camera
  • The active camera is the camera the player uses while playing the game