4.  Change the Road Path to 3D
  •  Properties menu >> Object Data >> Shape tab >> 3D button
  • A Bezier Curve can be either a 2D or a 3D object
  • To use the Bezier Curve as a 3D path for the road, it has to be a to 3D object
5.  Add more control points to the Bezier Curve
  • Select Bezier Curve  >> Edit Mode

3D View menu >> Mode Box >> Edit Mode

  • Select all

3D View menu >> Select >> Select/Deselect All

  • Add more controll points

3D View menu >> Curve >> Segments >> Subdivide

  • Control points are used to shape the path of the road
  • For this tutorial, I subdivided the Bezier Curve twice
6.  Shape the path of the road
  •  To move:

    Select a center point.

    G key to grab.

    Move mouse

  • To shape:

    Select an end point.

    G key to grab.

    Move mouse

  • The Bezier Curve is a 3D object.   The shape can be changed on all 3 axis.  X, Y and Z.

  • Use the control points to shape it.  Add more control points if needed.