Road -- DupliFrames

19. Join Duplicates together
  • Duplicates and original road shape selected
  • 3D View menu >> Object >> Join
  • When you made the duplicates real, it made each duplicate a separate object
  • We want join the duplicates together and make the track one object
20.  Remove doubles
  • Select joined duplicates
  • 3D View menu >> Mode box >> Edit Mode
  • 3D View menu >> Select >> Select/Deselect All
  • 3D View menu >> Mesh >> Vertices >> Remove Doubles
  • When we joined the original road shape and Duplicates, it might have created vertices as doubles.
21.  Clear Parent from road shape.  Keep Transformation.
  • Select road shape (Plane) 

  • 3D View menu >> Mode box >> Object Mode

  • 3D View menu >> Object >> Parent >> Clear and Keep Transformation

  • The road shape (Plane) is still parented to the road path (Bezier Curve)