Road -- DupliFrames

25.  Skin Road
  • Select all vertices >> 3D View >> Select >> (De)select All

  • Loft button

26.  Check Normals
  • 3D View menu >> View >> Properties
  • Properties shelf >> Mesh Display >> Normals
  • Face button >> Size 1.0
  • Sometimes when the road is skinned some of the the normals will be pointing down
  • All of the normals should be pointing in the same direction
  • Normals pointing away from the camera will make the Object mesh face invisible in the Game Engine
27.  Fix Normals (if needed)
  •  3D View menu >> Mesh >> Normals >> Recalculate Inside
  • You can select each mesh face with Normals facing down and flip them individually
  • For this tutorial, I am selecting all of the faces and using Recalculate Inside to fix the Normals
28.  Road outline
  • While this tutorial uses the simplest possible shape for the road, the same steps are used for any shape.  The outline of a tunnel.  The outline of a bridge.  The outline of a road with stone walls.  Etc.
Download Finished blend: