10.  Load Texture
  •  Properties menu >> Texture button >> Image tab >> Open
  • You can use any image as a reflective map 

  • For best results, try to match the colors of the reflective map to the game surroundings

  • Reflective maps can't be one solid color 

  • The brightness of the colors and the contrast between the colors determines how shiny it is

  • For this tutorial, I am using a blue and white cloud texture named Shiny_Gray_White.png.

  • Download: Shiny_Gray_White.png

11.  Mapping Coordinates: Reflection  
  • Properties menu >> Texture button >> Mapping tab >> Coordinates: Reflection
12. Influence: Diffuse Color
  • Properties menu >> Texture button >> Influence tab

  • Diffuse:  Color 0.2

  • Diffuse Color is the strength of the reflection

  • Range 0.0 to 1.0