34.  3D View -- Top Orthographic View
  • 3D View menu >> View >> Top
  • 3D View menu >> View >> View Persp/Ortho
  • Because we are going to be painting on the Stencil texture, this tutorial uses Top Ortho View. 
  • You don't have to use Ortho View.  You can use any view--Orthographic or Perspective.
35.  UV Unwrap the Plane
  • Select Plane

  • Edit Mode

    3D View menu >> Mode box >> Edit Mode

  • Select All

    3D View menu >> Select >> Select/Deselect All

  • UV Unwrap

    3D View menu >> Mesh >> UV Unwrap >> Project from View (Bounds)

  • Since we are using View mode Orthographic , we can UV Unwrap it using Project from View (Bounds) 
  • There are other ways to UV Unwrap it but this an easy way to UV Unwrap a Plane
36.  UV Map to Image
  • UV/Image Editor

  • Select All

    UV/Image Editor menu >> Select >> Select/Deselect All

  • Select Image

    UV/Image Editor menu >> Image List >> Stencil.png

  • We UV Unwrapped the game object to UV Texture Layer:  UV_Stencil

  • Now, we need to use that UV Texture Layer to UV Map the Stencil to the game object.