Vehicle Collision Box

16. Set Physics Type for the Collision Box
  • 3D View >> Select Collision Box
  • Properties menu >> Physics button >> Physics tab
  • Physics Type: Rigid Body
  • Actor checkbox: Enabled
  • No Sleeping checkbox: Enabled
  • Attributes >> Mass: 200
  • Rigid Body: Moves and rotates
  • Static: Doesn't move
  • Dynamic: Moves but doesn't rotate
  • No Collision: No collision with other game objects
  • Actor enabled: Acts on and reacts with other game objects
  • No Sleeping checkbox enabled: Physics for this game object are never disabled.
  • No Sleeping checkbox disabled: Physics for this game object are disabled after a certain amount of inactivity.
17. Set Collision Bounds
  • Properties menu >> Physics button >> Physics tab
  • Collision Bounds checkbox enabled
  • Bounds: Convex Hull
  • Margin: 0.02
  • Bounds: The method the game engine uses to calculate collisions.
  • Box: Uses a simple box to calculate collisions.
  • Triangle Mesh: Breaks every polygon of the mesh into triangles.  Uses the triangles to calculate collisions.
  • Convex Hull: Creates the smallest number of flat surfaces to cover the mesh.  Uses the created flat surfaces to calculate collisions.
  • Margin: The minimum allowed gap between game objects
18.  Connect Logic Bricks
  •  Always Sensor >> And Controller >> Replace Mesh Actuator
  • To connect logic bricks, pull the 'wire' from a logic brick output to a logic brick input. 
19.  Start game engine
  • Info menu >> Game >> Start Game Engine
Download Finished blend: