Animating Textures

Important Note:
  • There is a problem creating Animated Textures in the game engine using the latest versions of Blender 3D (Blender 2.79a, etc)
  • This tutorial is based on the work around that Joel Gomes da Silva posted on YouTube
  • There is link to his video at the end of the tutorial


1.  Render Engine: Blender Game
  •  Info menu >> Engine box >> Blender Game
  • There are menus that are only available when the Blender Game render engine is selected.
2.  Viewport Shading: Texture
  • 3D View menu >> Viewport Shading box >> Texture
  • Texture Viewport Shading renders the game objects with the textures you added
3.  Material Shading: GLSL
  • Properties menu >> Render button >> Shading tab >> GLSL button