Overlay Scene

1.  Engine: Blender Game
  • Info menu >> Render Engine box >> Blender Game
  • There are menus that are only available when The Blender Game render engine is selected.
2.  Add a new scene
  • Info menu >> Scene box >> + sign
  • Info menu >> Scene box >> New Scene Type: New
  • Render Engine: Blender Game
  • This scene will be used as the overlay scene.

  • Objects in an overlay scene are always displayed in front of objects in the main scene.

  • A HUD (heads-up display) with a health bar and a weapon reticle is an example of an overlay scene.

  • The Render Engine has to be set for each scene added.

3.  Give it a unique name
  • Info menu >> Scene Text box >> Name Box

  • For this tutorial, I am naming it HUD