Road -- DupliFrames

1. Engine: Blender Game
  • Info menu >> Render Engine box >> Blender Game
  •  There are menus that are only available when The Blender Game render engine is selected.
2.  Enable LoopTools
  • User Preferences menu >> Addons button

  • Supported Level >> Community

  • Categories >> Mesh

  • Mesh: LoopTools checkbox

  • LoopTools: Loft is used to "skin" the loop of vertices used to create the race track

  • Enable LoopTools adds a LoopTools tab to the Tool Shelf (3D View menu >> View >> Tool Shelf)

3. Add a Bezier Curve
  • 3D View menu >> Add >> Curve >> Bezier

  • The Bezier Curve is used to create the path for road

  • You can use a Nurbs Curve or a Nurbs Path instead.